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Coffee is a brewed beverage with a bitter taste.

Coffee flavor is a kind of brown flavor. It possesses strong and pleasant burnt bitter and sweet sour fragrance. Here the brown flavor mainly includes coffee flavour, cocoa flavor, chocolate flavoring, vanilla flavor, etc.
The characteristic aroma and bitter taste of coffee flavour are generated from browning products during the baking of coffee bean.

SH provides many kinds of coffee flavour. We can also produce new kinds of flavorings according to the specific requirements of our clients...

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Coffee Flavor


Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd is a professional coffee flavor manufacturer and supplier. We possess 15 years' experience of flavour production, selling, and service and 6 years' export experience. We also provide dairy flavor, cereal flavour, nut flavor, egg flavour, flower flavor, foliage flavour, etc. We have got the SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certificate, and also the LPPOM-MUI Halal certificate. All our products are quite popular in many South-East Asian nations, such as Thailand, Singapore, etc. Besides, we have cooperated with costumers from Argentina, Peru, Chili, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many other countries. According to customers' specific requirements, we are able to do new flavour R&D, sample copy, and conduct flavoring tests. If you need our coffee flavor, please contact us.

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