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    1. Vanilla Flavour
    2. Vanilla Flavour
      Vanilla flavour (vanilla essence) is a flavouring with a mixed odor of milk, bean and mild spice. This harmonious odor originates from vanilla bean, but smells better.
      The traditionally so-called vanilla flavour (vanilla essence) is actually vanilla bean flavours. Vanilla beans which have just been reaped have no flavours, but they start to bear flavours after drying...
      Type:Dairy Flavour
    1. Milk Flavour
    2. Milk Flavour
      Milk flavours are usually added into dairy products to elevate their taste and mouthfeel. Dairy products and foods with milk fragrance have always been popular with customers, therefore, in order to satisfy customers' requirements for taste, SH Food Flavour Company has developed milk flavours including milk, condensed milk, cream, buttermilk, cheese, yoghurt, vanilla, nut-milk compound ...
      Type:Dairy Flavour
    1. Compound Milk Flavor
    2. Compound Milk Flavor
      1. Packing of Compound Milk Flavour
      Flavour Form: Food Grade Packing
      Liquid: 25L polyethylene plastic bucket (tight head drum)
      Paste: 20L polypropylene plastic bucket (open-top) ...
      Type:Dairy Flavour

Dairy Flavour

To stand out in a crowded market for dairy, authentic flavours are the key to your success. We offer a complete range of value-added compounded flavors for dairy applications, from ice cream and instant desserts to cheese, spreads and yogurts.
One of SH's core flavors is the vanilla flavor. We boasts comprehensive vanilla expertise with deep knowledge and experience in raw material sourcing and extraction, which ensures our customers get authentic vanilla flavors with the finest sensory attributes.

SH offers a complete range of value-added compounded flavors for dairy applications. Our expertise on food and flavor interaction makes it easy for you to create yogurt, topping, ice cream, and dessert flavors that satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Features of Dairy Flavour
Nature-based processes plus the technology deliver exceptional fruit and dairy flavours.
The raw ingredients from around the world ensure the high quality dairy products.
China leading specialists produce true flavours to your exact specifications.

1. Packing of Dairy Flavour
Flavour Form: Food Grade Packing
Liquid: 25L polyethylene plastic bucket (tight head drum)
Paste: 20L polypropylene plastic bucket (open-top)
Powder: 25KG cardboard boxes

2. Delivery (order came into effect): about 5 weeks
Procurement of raw materials: 1 week
Production: 3 days
Test: 2 weeks
Shipping: 1-2 weeks

Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food flavour in China. Our thousands of kinds of food flavour cover the range of dairy flavour, fruit flavour, beverage flavour, candy flavour, fish flavour, vegetable flavour, meat flavour, tea flavour, flower flavour, nut flavour, and grain flavour, just to name a few. They are widely applied in flavouring dairy products, ice-cream, beverage, candies, baked foods, solid beverage, meat products, medicine, bait and fodder. We possess 15 years' experience of flavour production, selling, and service and 6 years' export experience. We have already obtained SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, and also LPPOM-MUI Halal certification. Our flavours have already been exported to many Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and so forth. Additionally, we are keeping close contact with customers in Argentina, Peru, Chili, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many other countries. Our factory produce with utmost care, and execute strict quality control standard. According to the customers' specific requirements, we are able to do new flavour R&D, sample copy, and conduct flavouring tests. If you need dairy flavour, please contact us.