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Ripe nuts mostly taste very crisp. The strong fragrance is generated by baking and frying. Walnut is oily and a little bit bitter; peanuts, almonds and hazels all possess their respective flavours; chestnuts roasted with sugar have a burnt, sweet and glutinous flavour produced by maillard reaction. SH nut flavour series does an excellent job in imitating the characteristic flavours of Walnut Flavour, Chestnut Flavour, Almond Flavour, Hazelnut Flavour, and Peanut Flavour, which is rich and lasting.

Nut Flavour

Nut Flavour


Type Name Description Shape Solubility
LJ0510 Walnut kernel Flavour Walnut kernel fragrance, oily , a little bitter Liquid Water-Soluble
LJ0520 Walnut Flavour Walnut kernel fragrance, a bit bitter Liquid Water-Soluble
LJ0610 Chestnut Flavour The fragrance of chestnuts roasted with sugar, glutinous Liquid Water-Soluble
LJ0710 Almond Flavour A strong almond syrup fragrance Liquid Water-Soluble
LJ0910 Hazelnut Flavour The kernel with skin fragrance of roasted hazelnut Liquid Water-Soluble
LL0451 Roasted peanut kernel Flavour Natural burnt fragrance of roasted peanut kernel Liquid Water-Soluble
LL0460 Peanut Flavour Rich peanut kernel fragrance Liquid Water-Soluble

1. Packing
Flavour Form: Food Grade Packing
Liquid: 25L polyethylene plastic bucket (tight head drum)
Paste: 20L polypropylene plastic bucket (open-top)
Powder: 25KG cardboard boxes

2. Delivery (order came into effect): about 5 weeks
Procurement of raw materials: 1 week
Production: 3 days
Test: 2 weeks
Shipping: 1-2 weeks

The nut flavours we provide include walnut flavour, chestnut flavour, almond flavour, hazelnut flavour, peanut flavour and so forth. We can also research and develop various walnut flavour, chestnut flavour, almond flavour, hazelnut flavour, peanut flavour according to the clients' specific requirements, copy samples and conduct tests of food flavour addition. Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of nut flavours in China. We possess 15 years' experience of flavour production, selling, and service and 6 years' export experience. We have already obtained SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, and also LPPOM-MUI Halal certification. Our company's walnut flavour, chestnut flavour, almond flavour, hazelnut flavour, peanut flavours have been exported to many Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and so forth. If you need other types of essence, you can check the necessary information on our website and inform us of your specific requirements. We are very glad to answer any of your questions concerning our products.

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