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    1. Tropical Fruit Flavour
    2. Tropical Fruit Flavour
      Topical fruits are those growing in tropical areas. The common ones include coconut, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, lychee, banana, star fruit, papaya, guava, and so on. ...
    1. Temperate Zone Fruit Flavour
    2. Temperate Fruit Flavour
      The common temperate zone fruits include peach, yellow peach, hawthorn, green apple, apple, red delicious, pear, kiwi, pomegranate, water chestnuts, apricots and the like. ...
    1. Citrus Flavour
    2. Citrus Flavour
      We offer many types of orange flavour, which can be added into various biscuits, pastry, candies, beverage, ice-cream, and dairy products. Our orange flavours include four forms (emulsion, oil, ...
    1. Berry Fruit Flavour
    2. Berry Fruit Flavour
      We offer strawberry, grape, cherry, myrica rubra, plum, bayberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and other types of berry fruit flavours. They can be added into various ...
    1. Melon Fruit Flavour
    2. Melon Fruit Flavour
      Melon fruit flavour has long been a key area of development of SH Company. Most melon fruit flavours are available in SH Company. At present, biscuits, pastry, candies, beverage, ...
    1. Vegetable Flavour
    2. Vegetable Flavour
      With the increase consciousness of people about health, they have begun to advocate eating more vegetables. As a result, vegetal products, such as vegetable juice, vegetable salad, ...
    1. Meat Flavour
    2. Meat Flavour
      There are pork, beef, chicken and duck meat etc flavors in meat flavour (meat essence).Like other foods, meat products' flavour decides heavily their popularity. Raw meat has ...
    1. Tea Flavour
    2. Tea Flavour
      There are green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, black tea, lemon black tea, white gourd tea, ptisan, herbal tea and kudingcha etc flavors in tea flavour (tea essence). ...
    1. Flower Flavour
    2. Flower Flavour
      For thousands of years, people have honored the tradition of using flowers as cooking ingredient. Flowers like rose, sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum, and lavender, ...
    1. Foliage Flavour
    2. Foliage Flavour
      "SH" foliage flavour (foliage essence) includes herbal-flavoured peppermint, Spearmint, ginseng, American ginseng, pine needle and so on. Generally called mint is Asian ...
    1. Seasoning Flavour
    2. Seasoning Flavour
      "SH" seasoning flavour covers all kinds of spice flavour (eg. anise flavour, ginger flavour, garlic flavour, and onion flavour), seasoning flavour (eg. vinegar flavour, sugar flavour, honey ...
    1. Seasoning Flavour
    2. Sweet Flavor
      Sweet goods have many forms, like confectionery, bakery, cereal, chewing gum, and etc. SH has many flavors to suit each of them. Fruit flavors, cereal flavors, and brown flavors ...
    1. Seasoning Flavour
    2. Beverage Flavor

      We supply flavors offering excellent stability that can be used for various beverages like carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, dry beverages, alcoholic...

    1. Seasoning Flavour
    2. Consumer Health Flavor
      We develop great tasting product solutions that meet the needs of health-conscious consumer, which can help food supplements ...

Food Flavour

Food flavour, which is widely applied as additives in foods, is composed of various food fragrances and authorized food complements, The complements include carriers(eg. sucrose, dextin, and acacia), solvents and additives. The way in which the food flavour works is to imitate the fragrance and taste of natural fruits, vegetables and other foods, and lay great emphasis on the vividness of the original fragrance.

Main Function of SH Food Flavour
1. Provide foods with fragrance
Some kinds of food, such as soft beverage, ice-cream, jelly and candies, possess no or very little flavour themselves. The addition of "SH" food flavours give them favourable smell,

2. Supplement and improve food flavour
Due to the technology or time limitation, some processed foods, like maconochie, sausage and bread, often show an inadequate, improper or indistinctive flavour. When SH food flavour is added, their flavour can be complemented or improved.
SH food flavour has already been used beyond the traditional foods. For example, if medicine is added with SH food flavour, it can turn into "tasty pill with a wholesome effect." The addition of SH food flavour into fodder can greatly contribute to animal husbandry, livestock breeding and pet raising.

Application of Food Flavour
1. Oily food flavour is suitable for hard candies, biscuits and other baked food, with the percentage of about 0.2%.
2. Watery food flavour is suitable for soda, beverage, ice-cream and other cold drinks, wine, with the percentage of 0.07-0.15%.
3. Emulsified food flavour is suitable for soda and beverage, with a percentage of 0.1%. Meanwhile, the percentage of clouding agent is about 0.08-0.12%.
4. Pulpified food flavour is suitable for the basis of soda and beverage, or directly for soda and beverage, with a percentage of 0.2-0.23% (full color) or 0.05% (not full color, but a complementary caramel color).
5. Coconut powder food flavour is suitable for biscuits, meat, vegetables, and poultry.
6. Food flavour used in wine is 0.04-0.1%. The percentage of tea food flavour used should be 1%. Fodder food flavour should be added at a percentage of 0.5‰, with an additive amount of 5%-10%.
Note: The allowed amount of food flavour varies in different countries due to their different policies. You are welcome to consult us of it.

Using principles
There is a wide range of food flavour, so their usage is also complicated. But the principles below must be followed:
1. Choose the proper flavour according to the food type and the characteristics of food flavour.
2. Use soluble food flavour only.
3. The proportion of food flavour should be between 1‰~2‰. Only under special circumstances can the limit be exceeded.
4. Avoid mixing with high concentration liquid glucose or acid solution.
5. Strictly control the water temperature when the flavour is added: the heating temperature for food flavour soluble in water should be no more than 70℃, and that for food flavour soluble in oil no more than 120℃.

1. Packing of Food Flavour
Flavour Form: Food Grade Packing
Liquid: 25L polyethylene plastic bucket (tight head drum)
Paste: 20L polypropylene plastic bucket (open-top)
Powder: 25KG cardboard boxes

2. Delivery (order came into effect): about 5 weeks
Procurement of raw materials: 1 week
Production: 3 days
Test: 2 weeks
Shipping: 1-2 weeks

Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food flavour in China. Our thousands of kinds of food flavour cover the range of dairy flavor, fruit flavour, beverage flavour, candy flavour, fish flavour, vegetable flavour, meat flavour, tea flavour, flower flavour, nut flavour, and grain flavour, just to name a few. They are widely applied in flavouring dairy products, ice-cream, beverage, candies, baked foods, solid beverage, meat products, medicine, bait and fodder. We possess 15 years' experience of flavour production, selling, and service and 6 years' export experience. We have already obtained SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, and also LPPOM-MUI Halal certification. Our flavours have already been exported to many Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and so forth. Additionally, we are keeping close contact with customers in Argentina, Peru, Chili, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many other countries. Our factory produce with utmost care, and execute strict quality control standard. According to the customers' specific requirements, we are able to do new flavour R&D, sample copy, and conduct flavouring tests. If you need food flavour, please contact us.

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