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The consumption of seafood is increasing over the next 20 or 30 years. But the production of the seafood flavoring is remarkably reduced. Under this condition, in order to meet requirements of our clients in quantity and quality of seafood flavorings, Here in SH, we have developed a complete series of flavors, such as shrimp flavor, crab flavor, oyster sauce flavor, fish flavour, etc.Seafood flavors, including fish flavor, shrimp flavor, crab flavour, oyster sauce flavor, are used in a number of products, such as snacks, soups, surimi and so on.

Seafood Flavor

Seafood Flavor


Characteristics of Seafood Flavor:

Type Name Description Shape Solubility
GR0411 Shrimp flavor A strong and vivid shrimp-like flavor Pasty Water-Soluble
YR0510 Crab flavour Crab meat flavoring, with a slight ammonia smell Oily Oil-Soluble
LR0611 Oyster sauce flavor Burnt, sweet, and savory shellfish-like flavors of cooked oyster sauce Liquid Water-Soluble
JR0710 Fish flavoring A natural fish-like flavour Pasty Water-Soluble

Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of seafood flavor in China. We also provide dairy flavor, fruit flavour, tea flavor, cereal flavor, nut flavoring, egg flavor, brown flavor, flower flavuor, foliage flavor, vegetable flavuor, dry fruit flavoring, sweet flavuor, beverage flavor, consumer health flavor, etc. We possess 15 years' experience of flavour production, selling, and service and 6 years' export experience. All our products have obtained the SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certificate, and also the LPPOM-MUI Halal certificate. Our flavors have been well received in many South-East Asian nations, such as Thailand, Singapore, etc. Additionally, we have established business relationship with customers from Argentina, Peru, Chili, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many other countries. If you need our seafood flavor, please contact us freely.

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