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Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd.

About Us

Shanghai SH Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, specializing in the research, development and production of food flavor. Established in 1995, our company is a member of China Association of Food Additive and the director of Shanghai Association of Food Additive. We have already obtained SGS ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, and also LPPOM-MUI Halal certification.

Our thousands of kinds of food flavor cover the range of dairy flavor, fruit flavour, beverage flavour, candy flavour, fish flavour, vegetable flavour, meat flavour, tea flavour, flower flavour, nut flavour, and grain flavour, just to name a few. Our food flavors are widely applied in flavouring dairy products, ice-cream, beverage, candies, baked foods, solid beverage, meat products, medicine, bait and fodder.

Our factory produce with utmost care, and execute strict quality control standard. According to the customers' specific requirements, we are able to do new flavour R&D, sample copy, and conduct flavouring tests. Boasting stable quality and reasonable price, Our flavours have already been exported to many southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and so forth. Additionally, we are keeping close contact with customers in Argentina, Peru, Chili, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many other countries.

Being located in Shanghai, the biggest port city of China, ...

Food Flavor

    1. Milk Flavour
    2. Milk Flavour
    3. Milk flavours are usually added into dairy products to elevate their taste and mouthfeel. Dairy products and foods with milk ...
    1. Vanilla Flavour
    2. Vanilla Flavour
    3. Vanilla flavour (vanilla essence) is a flavouring with a mixed odor of milk, bean and mild spice. This harmonious odor ...
    1. Fruit Flavour
    2. Fruit Flavour
    3. There exists a wide range of fruits in nature throughout the entire world. People prefer fruits not only because of their ...
    1. Meat Flavour
    2. Meat Flavour
    3. There are pork, beef, chicken and duck meat etc flavors in meat flavour (meat essence).Like other foods, meat products' flavour ...
    1. Tea Flavour
    2. Tea Flavour
    3. There are green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, black tea, lemon black tea, white gourd tea, ptisan, herbal tea and ...
    1. Cereal Flavor
    2. Grain Flavour
    3. Grains include rice, corn, sesame, beans, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, wheat and many othe kinds. Raw grains only have a very ...
    1. Dry Fruit Flavour
    2. Dry Fruit Flavour
    3. Dry fruits have long been regarded as nutritious nourishments in China. SH's series of dry fruit flavours include ...
    1. Vegetable Flavour
    2. Vegetable Flavour
    3. With the increase consciousness of people about health, they have begun to advocate eating more vegetables. ...